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West Auckland Airport, 76 Green Rd, Parakai, West Auckland. Road Map.. Ph 09 420.8010



West Auckland Airport Parakai is available for General Aviation, drop-in visitors welcome. Radio 123.5 in MBZ.  Due to frequent skydiving, please join downwind, base or final (not overhead).  Visitor parking by the hangars down taxiway 'B'



New Weather Station:   The old weather station had become increasingly unreliable, so has been replaced with new gear that also has a wide angle camera and is enable for mobile devices.   The current skyview gives a good idea of the conditions right now, and the timelapse shows the last 24 hours so you can see what is developing.  The camera is on the tower and looks directly south over the runway, so the direction of travel of the clouds shows the wind direction changes for the last 24h.

At the moment we're trying to find out how to display in Celcius degrees and Knots on a PC...   on the mobile App you click on the  'F' to toggle to 'C'.   But Fahrenheit and MPH are a lot better than no indication at all, so for now "we'll take it" and do the mental conversion.

The link is on the website 'weather' buttons, and is


Proposed changes to Whenuapai NZWP area:   The proposed changes to the Te Henga transit zone are to be extend it inland a little, and raise it from 1500ft to 2000ft...  the extra height being most welcome when transitting that very rocky and unforgiving coastline.  Similarly the transit zone on the East Coast Bays will be higher at 1200ft.   Click on the map or link to download the full .pdf doc.       

Link:   images/temp2017/NzwpAmended-30nov17.pdf


West Auckland Airport Parakai: Facilities & Services. Visitor facilities with tea / coffee / cold drinks / toilets in Pilot Lounge.   Icecreams and more cold drinks are often available at the skydiving base across the road.  

Courtesy car for aviators by arrangement (35 mins to Auckland CBD, 30 mins to Albany, 25 mins to  Silverdale), and Studio apartment on airport can be booked for overnight stays.

Aircraft Engineering, Aerobatics, Skydiving, Introductory flights and Flight Training for PPL/CPL, Microlights and Gyrocopters. Aircraft parking, Hangarage, Hangar building sites.

Phone first 09 420 8010 if you will need fuel, as sometimes we're all off flying. Commercial opportunities exist for new operators at West Auckland.


Obstruction near the Airport:    There is a mast on the sandhills some 5 miles to the south of the Airport, and it is quite high...  probably 750 ft altitude and well placed to catch someone who is scraping over the sandhills under low cloud.    Or a glider soaring the slope in a SW wind.  It is thin and hard to see unless positioned with dark trees behind... note how much less visible the base is where there is grass behind.   Find it from at least 1000ft by looking for the 'X' on the ground formed by the bases for its stays, beside a notch where the farmland intrudes into the forest.

Mast West of Glasshouses  


U.S.  Pilot workshop website :  

  Airspeed On Approach

Subscriber question:

"I have a fear of stall/spin on approach resulting from low airspeed. As a result, I generally carry a little extra airspeed. Is this a good idea?"

"Extra airspeed is just that, EXTRA airspeed. There is a very specific airspeed that should be flown on approach in a specific weight and configuration. The pilot should strive to maintain that airspeed.

Having said that, there are times specified in the flight manual when additional airspeed is recommended to deal with strong or gusty wind conditions. This is not extra airspeed, but recommended speed to deal with specific conditions.

There is always a price to be paid for carrying extra airspeed. All pilots should check out the performance section of the flight manual to see the additional landing distances required when speeds are increased. Don't forget the energy formula. Energy equals one half mass times velocity SQUARED! Energy is what will keep you sailing down the runway both before and after touchdown.

Fear is obviously a major distraction. Overcome that fear of stall in the practice area by being comfortable flying your aircraft at Minimum Controllable airspeeds. Once you do that, you will be much more comfortable in the traffic pattern at speeds that you have flown and understand!"



West Auckland Flying Group:   George Richards (hangar 12, flys the yellow Falco and Red Bellanca ZK-VIX) writes:



I’m trying to group all the current aircraft owners, pilots and interested people to try to organise a few flying activities.

Could I please ask that you pass on the following link to anyone that may be interested in such activities. If you are a hangar owner could you please pass the following link to your tenants.

There has been a club in the past however it seems to have become inactive for some time. Hopefully we can revive it.

Once I’ve got some names together I can put out some more information but for now I’m just collecting data which will remain secure.

Any help appreciated.





Coming Events:


Sunday 31st Dec 2017,  Whananaki New Years Eve Flyin. Martin Farrand and NMC welcome all pilots and crew to a BBQ lunch at his property adjacent to the Whananaki airstrip.  Tea, coffee and food supplied. All welcome. Ph 021 933 804.    Click here for airfield details,  and if landing to the south fly a close circuit with left base down the harbour entrance rather than over the houses on longer final.



Monday 1st January: New Year's Day fly-in Koputaroa (NZKP).    The Lower North Island fly-in on New Year's Day is the first aviation event of the year...   anywhere, due to NZDT being 13h ahead of UTC.     Attracts a large crowd of lower North Island aircraft, and often one or two of those aircraft with long legs from the top of the North.   



Sat 6th January:   Pauanui Flyin 2018. Saturday 6th. Tea and coffee from 10am. Excellent food organised by Trevor Barrett. $15. Come for the day.  Click here for airfield details.



Sat 20th January,  Classics of the Sky ...  Tauranga City Air Show.   At Tauranga Airport, NZTG.  Afternoon and evening shows with gates open 13:30.  Show at 15:00.   Black Falcons and more including vintage military display. Free parking.  Tickets available from Eventfinda



Sat  - Monday 27th to 29th January:   NZ Autogyro Assn fly-in at Dannevirke:   AGM and plenty of gyros coming and going.  "Don't be shy to turn up and ask questions and ask for a ride".  Details on



Sat 10th Feb 18:   Te Kowhai (NZTE) Market day and Fly-in:   Annual event that is always a lot of fun to fly-in.

Click here for airfield details.



Sat 10th Feb 18:   Dargaville Flyin. (NZDA) Fly-in and open house, 10 February 2018.
Focus is on gyrocopters and trikes, but all aerial conveyances most welcome. BBQ lunch, coffee and tea, and the usual DA hospitality.. ..
Click here for airfield details.



Fri 16th - Sat 17th - Sun 18th February:   RAANZ National Flyin at Stratford (NZSD).  Details as above.


Mata Airfield

Sat 24th Feb:   Mata BBQ: NMC/Mata BBQ Flyin at Leo John’s airfield at Mata across the harbour to the south of Whangarei Airport. Tea, coffee and scones from 10am.   Click here for airfield details.


Recurring Events:

DARGAVILLE: Every Saturday. Fly in for lunch. Famous throught the north for it's lamb on a spit, and usually draws a good crowd of hungry aviators. Clubhouse Ph 09 439 8024. Click here for airfield details.

COROMANDEL: Lunch 2nd Sunday of each month from 12:30. Clubhouse Ph 07 866 2055. Click here for airfield details.

WHANGAREI: Last Saturday of each month at hangar 10, the Western end of the row of hangars.  Whangarei Flying Club meeting at 10:30 with lunch to follow.  Clubhouse phone 09 436 4053.  Click here for airfield details.



Tower and Engineering

 West Auckland Airport Parakai, from the NE on mid right base for 25. Click for larger photo


 West Auckland Airport Parakai, from the SW (non traffic side).  Click for larger photo

This is webpage is updated weekly, apart from 'Coming Events' which are updated as soon as known.Parakai Aero

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